Our Mission and Purpose

Bringing help and hope by air to at risk communities in remote areas, we equip aviation leaders by providing relevant personal development training and technical skills to pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers. 

To achieve our Mission we provide:

Training that effectively and holistically equips our students to reach out to vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk communities in remote areas. This is our ultimate Vision and Mission. However, not to the exclusion of those who will choose other career paths with the intention of using their knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others.

Technical skills training: Flight (Pilots) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Engineers).

“Soft” skills training that includes Leadership, Cross Cultural Awareness, Ministry Studies, Missiology and other Personal Development.

Field mission services that begin in Australia’s remote areas but continue to extend their reach internationally. We support mission aviation organisations, not for profit organisations, charities and key individuals in their mission to get supplies or support services to remote areas. “Mission” encompasses all of life.

Hope. When someone asks about the hope that we have, we will always be ready to explain it, doing it in a gentle and respectful way. We do not require a profession of specific beliefs or faith in exchange for services.

Social enterprises that are established as a means to remain sustainable. Currently, this includes:

-  Commercial aircraft maintenance services that are customer-focused; producing work of an excellent standard. Competitive pricing and completion times that will delight our customers.

-  Opportunities for people to experience flying a plane through Simulator Programs that will visit schools, churches, expos and (corporate) events. Its objectives are to spread awareness of ACMA’s training and aircraft maintenance services and to provide an income for ACMA by charging fees appropriately.