ACMA offers an exciting and multi-faceted program for Schools.

Schools Flight Simulator Experience:
ACMA brings the FLIGHT SIMULATOR to schools which is a fully professional and totally engaging flight experience for students and opens their senses to the world of aviation. The Redbird Flight Simulator is mounted in a large truck with cut-away aircraft engines on display as well as digital and static information to peruse. Many students have been challenged to consider becoming pilots and engineers through the flight simulator program. 
Schools hiring the Flight Simulator will need to provide an appropriate ‘parking’ space with easy access in and out for a large truck. A space of approximately 12 metres x 5 meters to allow for side step access will suffice. Access to 2 regular electrical power points is required and all power cords are tested and tagged regularly for electrical safety. 

ACMA’s Aviation Education Officer is available to speak at assemblies, careers classes or other and events. Talks cover the use of aviation to facilitate humanitarian work that is undertaken in remote regions of the world. Students will learn of the opportunities that are available to pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers and will be challenged to hear of the strategic impact of organisations serving disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. These talks will have relevance to students as they consider their career choices.

Schools may wish to arrange visits by class groups to ACMA's Coldstream facility to complement their curriculum studies in Physics or other flight-related studies. Such a visit may include a tour of the hangar and the types of work being undertaken on aircraft, an orientation of the airfield, viewing some of the aircraft housed at the airfield including an historic Tigermoth biplane and discussion of the dynamics of flight and flight controls by one of our engineers or pilots. Lunchroom and toilet facilities are available. 

Work Experience:
School students are offered a number of different of opportunities in the year to experience Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering through a work experience program. Students work in the ACMA commercial maintenance hangar under the guidance and mentoring of a qualified engineer on real projects which will give them an insight into the day-to-day work life of an aircraft engineer.