Flight Simulator Experiences for Groups, Clubs, Not For Profit Organisations and Corporate Events

ACMA will bring the FLIGHT SIMULATOR to your next Event. Our Simulator is a fully professional and totally engaging flight experience and will open your senses to the world of aviation.
The Redbird Flight Simulator is mounted in a large truck with cut-away aircraft engines on display as well as digital and static information to peruse.
Irrespective of age, you will at the very least be challenged to consider taking flying or aircraft engineering training once you have a go on ACMA’s flight simulator program. 

When hiring the Flight Simulator, you will need to provide an appropriate ‘parking’ space with easy access in and out for a large truck. A space of approximately 12 metres x 5 meters to allow for side step access will suffice. Access to 2 regular electrical power points is required. All power cords are tested and tagged regularly for electrical safety.

Bookings and Enquiries:

Call the ACMA office directly - (03) 9739 0612

Or contact: Aidan Crossley 
Aviation Education Officer 
Email: Aidan.Crossley@avserve.org.au